• CasNo:107374-86-7
  • Molecular Formula:C7H13NO2
  • Purity:
  • Molecular Weight:143.18400

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1.What is the N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide ?

N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylamide contains MEHQ as inhibitor. N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylamide is a chemical compound that finds various applications in different fields. One of its primary uses is in the synthesis of polymers and hydrogels. It is commonly employed as a monomer in the production of biocompatible and biodegradable materials, such as drug delivery systems and tissue engineering scaffolds. The presence of the methoxypropyl group in the compound enhances its solubility in water, making it suitable for creating hydrophilic polymers. Additionally, N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylamide is utilized in the development of responsive materials that can undergo changes in their physical properties, such as swelling or contraction, in response to external stimuli like temperature or pH. This property makes it valuable in the design of smart materials for applications like controlled drug release or sensors. Overall, N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylamide plays a crucial role in the advancement of materials science and biomedical research.

2.What is the CAS number for N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide ?

The CAS number of N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide is 107374-86-7.

More information of N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide 107374-86-7 are:

CAS Number



1.023 g/mL at 25 °C

Flash Point


Refractive Index








3.What are another words for N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide ?

Synonyms for N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide 107374-86-7:2-Propenamide,N-(3-methoxypropyl);MPAM;N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylamide;

4.What is the molecular formula of N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide?

The chemical formula of  N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide is C7H13NO2 which containing 7 Carbon atoms,13 Hydrogen atoms,1 Nitrogen atoms and 2 Oxygen atoms,and the molecular weight of  N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide is 143.18400.

5.What is N-(3-Methoxypropyl)acrylaMide (107374-86-7) used for?

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Improvement on the performance N-(3-methoxypropyl)acrylamide polymer-gel dosimeter by the addition of inorganic salt for application in radiotherapy dosimetry

Molham M. Eyadeh, Laith S. Alshomali, Khalid A. Rabaeh, Ammar A. Oglat & Kevin R. Diamond

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry volume 331, pages1343–1351 (2022)

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